Steve A. 


I first met Sue not as a realtor, but as a volunteer.  The organization was new to me while she was already a respected veteran.  Our paths did not cross often, but the impact of her commitment and focused dedication could not go unnoticed. Years later, my family had grown to a point that we began to consider moving to a larger home.  Being very happy with our current situation afforded us the needed time to explore the market.  We began our search very focused on new construction often times reaching out to Sue for advise.  She was always willing to give the time we needed to understand the best opportunities the current market was offering.  In fact, it was Sue who opened our eyes to better opportunities with existing homes.  Her insight into the market and understanding of our needs, led us to our dream home.  Unfortunately though, our dream home did not come with the option of a sale contingency agreement.  Sue was able to convince though to a settlement contingency.   This opened my family up to a bit of risk.  We needed to quickly sell our existing home to make an offer on our dream home and in the process not end up with no home.  The decision to proceed was difficult, however the decision on who to proceed with was easy.  We called on Sue to help us sell our home.  She analyzed the market, determined the optimal price point, and gave us a small to do list.  I am happy to say she was 100% correct.  We ended up with 3 offers on our house within 2 days of the listing.  I even happier to say that I am writing this recommendation sitting in my new house working for the first time in my own home office space.  I would come to find out months after settlement how small our window of success really was.  Many things had to go right.  I was unaware because Sue simply made everything look and feel easy.  She took care of organizing everything from home inspections to finances.  In fact she even stopped by on her way to settlement on our previous home to help us clean out a few remaining items.  When anyone asks if we can recommend a real estate agent, my wife and I say without hesitation, Sue Podhor.


Christopher P.


Sue Podhor has our strongest and highest recommendation. My wife and I honestly are so grateful for all the time, effort, and expertise to get our home sold. Sue worked hard and persisted to get us to the finish line and settle our house in Bucks County. Her experience and knowledge of the process turned out to be very important with the many steps involved, from the preparation for listing and photos, through the showings, offers, negotiations, inspections, and final closing. I never realized how complicated the process can be, and how important having a true professional realtor who has seen it all before can be to getting to the final closing day. Thank you so much! Highest recommendation without reservation.


Mary T. 


“No way I could have done this without your extra help, awesome expert advice and my trust in you. Thank you!”


Amy L. 


Never in a million years did my husband and I think selling our home would be such a difficult task. From beginning to end, Sue's professionalism and friendship made a stressful situation more bearable.  


Jen F.


Working with Sue Podhor made all the difference as we navigated the world of both selling and buying a home. I had a general timeline of when I wanted to accomplish my goals, and Sue helped me hit every milestone and even beat my deadline of when I wanted to sell my home! We had listed our home with another agent prior to contacting Sue and having worked with two different agents...there is no comparison. Sue is professional, honest, knowledgeable, and very calm in a process that can raise a lot of anxiety. She helped me keep my focus and encouraged me not to make decisions based on the first home I saw. All I can say is she was right! Not only did she sell our home in under two weeks (!!!!!), but she helped us find a beautiful home for our family within the Central Bucks School District, which was my dream. If you are interested in buying or selling, you absolutely cannot go wrong with Sue. She was and continues to be an advocate for us as clients and I couldn't be happier with our final outcomes.


Kaitlyn D. 


Sue was a great help through the entire process. She was on top of all of the deadlines and helped me with stay organized with all the documents that were required. I am extremely happy that Sue was the one to help me buy my first home. I would absolutely recommend her!


Dan W. 

Buckingham, PA

Sue Podhor is an outstanding professional. She has excellent knowledge of the Bucks County real estate market, a tremendous attention to detail, and the rare gift to truly understand her clients' objectives and drive toward a satisfactory conclusion for buyer and seller. Real estate transactions can be tricky, and Sue has the experience to reduce your risk and make sound decisions every step along the way. I am very confident that anyone will have a positive buy/sell experience with Sue Podhor.


Jen S. 

Doylestown, PA

Sue made my whole house buying process a dream. She is amazing, responsive, helpful, kind, EXTREMELY knowledgable, and funny too! I am very picky, and she and her team were incredible. I would recommend Susan a thousand times over. Anything Sue says, I trust. She was with me through every step via text, phone calls, and email. She even dealt with my whole family, and for that she is a saint :) We adored Susan - and honestly, I am going to miss her!!


Christine M.

Doylestown, PA

Amazing. Use her. Learn from her. Trust her and her contacts. Best experience yet and truly a nice person. Every agent should be her caliber. They are not. She is the best. Brilliant! She is just fantastic and is always looking out for you! And she really knows her figures and numbers when it comes to mortgage advice and knows where to ask for more or less and negotiating